God’s Plan

God’s Plan. We hear this a lot and some of us even say it often. But do we understand what it means?

His perfect plan is for all of us to get closer to Him: “Draw near” (James 4:8), “call upon”(Psalm 17:6), “Come to me” (Matthew 11:28). These are His desires for us, to get close and to have an intimate relationship with Him so that we will have life everlasting. It’s only when we study the Word for ourselves that we will begin to understand that He wants us to draw near to Him, to call out to Him, and to go to him because in this life we will labor, get weary, and go through difficulties.

Can you see it? God’s plan involves trials, big and small, in the hope that those who are going through and those around them will turn to Him in faith, trust in Him, and shout out to Him, “Amen”, when He gives the victory.

Why? So that others may hear and ask us, how is it that you can rejoice in such a time as this? This may lead to an opportunity to share your testimony and maybe help someone else to draw near to Him.

That is God’s perfect plan.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

For Reflection...
Do you find yourself turning to the Father with your dreams and disappointments, or seeking comfort elsewhere?
Are you in the habit of drawing near to God daily through His Word?
Is there someone God has laid on your heart to share with? That your testimony might help someone else draw near to the Lord?

-Heidi Paul
Heidi was recently asked to study and articulate who she is for God's kingdom. This was her response: "Vessel of capability and resourcefulness with a genuine concern for others familiar and unfamiliar. Here to provide help and restoration in Jesus name." This is a great description of Heidi, and we are blessed to have her as a long-time CWM member and ministry leader. She is also the founder of the Markus Paul Foundation that is committed to granting youth scholarships, in honor of her late husband Coach Markus Paul. She is mom to Dwayne and Mathias, Gramma to Miles and Camden and resides in Dallas, TX. www.markuspaulfoundation.com

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