May I "turn" to You Father in every situation, every circumstance.
Whether a glad "turning" of thankfulness and joy or a "turning" to look up,
to reach up for help in a moment of weakness or discouragement.
May I have the strength to turn from my flesh, my “self”,
from the mind of the world around me, to choose
Your wisdom, Your discernment, Your Truth,
Your leading and guidance in the daily battle that is life on earth.
How wonderful it is
that I don't need words to explain and express my gratefulness,
or my longings and needs, or my hurt and grief if I can't find them,
for You already know them.
You are familiar with all my ways. You perceive my thoughts.
You discern my desires. Before a word is on my tongue You know it completely!
You molded and created me!
You designed me with gifts!
You planted passion and purpose within me.
You love me!
You understand me
and the desires of heart
for You placed them there.
How relieved I am
that I don't need to bring gifts or successful service
to Your feet for Your attention or approval.
I am worthy in Your sight because of Jesus.
All You ask
is my time and heart invested for an intimate sweet relationship with You.
All I need do is turn,
is draw near,
is lift my heart and eyes to You.
And there You are.
There You are with a nearness that guides me with Your love;
that encourages me with Your grace;
that comforts me with Your mercy;
that strengthens me in Your power;
that lifts me with hope for tomorrow.
There You are with compassion and understanding
and a sweetness that stays with me
as You strengthen my inmost being with the power
for Jesus to dwell in my heart.
So that I may sacrifice,
so that I may love,
as He sacrificed for me,
as He loves me.
I can rest.
There I will hope.
There I will pray that I might be the fragrance of Christ
to those I love and to the hurting world around me.
The deepest desire of my heart.

-Dee Kijanko
A coach’s wife for 47 years, Dee Kijanko is also a women’s bible study leader and mentor, artist, writer and speaker. Dee and her husband Tony are on staff at Nations of Coaches, a national ministry to collegiate level basketball coaches and wives. They live in the North Georgia mountains, grateful to be parents to four children and six grandchildren - their greatest adventure and most honored privilege! Her blog, “The Affections of My Soul”, can be found at deekijanko.com

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