Loneliness.    Isolation.    Uncertainty.

These are just a few of the unique struggles that come with the coaching life.
 However, the challenges of the coaching lifestyle don't have to  be barriers to growing as a disciple of Christ.
 We provide discipleship opportunities that fit into the rhythm of the coaching life, so coaches' wives can experience consistent, intentional growth in a gospel community throughout the seasons.

If you are a coach's wife, we would love to serve you!
You don't have to journey alone.
 You don't have to search for books online or figure out how to grow on your own.
 You don't have to wonder about how God wants to use YOU in your marriage, your home and on your mission field.
Women from every sport, level, location and season of life are part of this community of coaches' wives.  Meet other wives in our private Facebook group, in our zoom Bible studies or by connecting one-on-one with one of our mentors! And one of the best places we stay connected is through our private messaging feature on our app!
Our SEASONS Discipleship Journal Magazine releases quarterly and serves as our curriculum guide for our coaches' wives community. Subscriptions are available for both digital and print copies- SUBSCRIBE HERE! For our group studies, we use video lessons from our channel with Right Now Media, and we also use our original studies- such as Power Wives, designed specifically for coaches' wives!


God's Word is the foundation of Coaches' Wives Ministry. It is THE RESOURCE of our ministry, and for this reason we created The Covergirl Project to be central to our membership program. It is an opportunity to COVER every Word of God's Word together with other coaches' wives, but going at your own pace with whatever plan works for you!
We provide leadership training opportunities to help coaches' wives discover their personal callings and equip them for their unique roles on the mission field of sports- both in their homes and in their communities!

"We have had 8 moves in the last 11 years,  and I can truly say that Coaches' Wives Ministry feels like home. "

- Beverly Phillips

"CWM is passionate to disciple women and walk alongside them so that they can grow in their relationship with Jesus, their families, and all whom they encounter. As a coach's wife for almost 33 years, I can testify to the importance and value of having CWM in all of our communities!"

- Darlene Johnson, FCA National Board Chair

"A coach is only as good as the wife in his corner! Thank you CWM for supporting us as coaches by pouring into our precious wives.  We LOVE and APPRECIATE you!”

- Coach Snell

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