One thing is for sure, most of us typically know what our year consists of. Some of the specifics are predictable. New Years resolutions, a start back to school, resuming athletic practices/workouts. While some of us look forward to the fresh, routine of things, many jump back into the crazy schedule kicking and screaming. But what happens when everything we’ve known, suddenly becomes the unfamiliar? I can tell you what my flesh wants to wants to ugly cry. It wants to shake fists and throw things. Breakable things.

I’m a planner. A lover of all things consistent and unchanging. I currently have two agendas, of course color-coded. AND a wall calendar. Also color-coded. And these uncharted waters have me feeling like someone took a hand grenade, pulled that clip with their teeth and tossed it into everything I’ve ever known to be true. I see all our responsibilities scheduled, but have no idea if they’ll come to fruition. Virtual or traditional school, the kick-off to our much anticipated season, and that hair appointment I’ve been anxiously waiting for.

So while my flesh is throwing a tantrum, my spirit seems to be persistently trying to remind me of His promises. Because in the midst of all the chaos, there lies a simple truth.

God is our foundation. He is our constant. He never-ever-never changes. And when all things familiar force a mental and physical adjustment, we can rest in knowing that He is forever at work. When the world pushes its agenda at the framing, our infrastructure won’t be compromised. When school looks different, and the athletic season is postponed, we can remember that He still governs the things we give Him control of. His blessings on our lives are always the working parts of His perfect plan. But HE IS STILL THE FOUNDATION.

This season of uncertainty doesn’t have to hinder our ability to be present. In the life of our family, our church, our students and players. It may look different, but I am confident that He can still do a mighty work on the off-beaten path. So today I hope to set aside the frustrations of not knowing what is to come, and simply profit from the things we can control. And I’m also going to trade my pen in for a much easier erase-able pencil. Just in case.

- Hillary Ginn

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