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We are so excited that you've decided to do the POWER WIVES study!  Whether you are doing this on your own or in a group, our prayer is that the Lord will encourage your heart and empower you in your journey as a coach's wife. We've put together this page to guide you through each session. You can download the entire workbook at once (link below), or download each session individually. We've also provided a leader guide to help you facilitate a discussion of POWER WIVES in a small group- no experience necessary! Please reach out if you have any questions or need help using the materials. 


A message from the author, Candace Lane...
Women have power whether they realize it or not. Throughout the Bible, we see over and again how women influenced their husbands, children, culture. As coaches’ wives, we have an incredible platform to do the same in our marriages, families, sports culture, school systems, and with athletes of every sport and level. We have a great opportunity to make a positive impact, but there is a power struggle between fear and faith that can keep us from using our power of influence as God desires. My prayer is that through this study we will learn from the “fear vs. faith” examples of some power wives from the Bible, have insight into the power struggles of our own hearts, and come away with specific applications for how we can use our “wife power” wisely. Above all, I pray that we will see the power of the Lord at work in these stories, and believe that He wants to work in our lives as well - whether we find ourselves walking by faith or falling in fear. The Lord is always faithful!

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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The Power Wives of Solomon

Excerpt from the study: Solomon was an amazing man of faith and wisdom, but his life did not end as it began, because when it came to women, Solomon didn’t obey the Lord. And his disobedience had devastating consequences in his relationship with God, his kingdom, and all future generations... It is easy to think that this happened to Solomon because he was outnumbered 1,000 (wives) to 1, but even one wife has great influence over her husband’s heart. And according to this passage, these wives had their own gods - their own idols - and their passion for these things influenced Solomon in a powerfully negative way.

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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Rebekah the Helpful Wife

Excerpt from the study: Rebekah was Isaac's wife and she had twin boys - Esau and Jacob. When she was pregnant, the two boys "struggled together within her", and when she sought the Lord about it, He said, "...the older shall serve the younger" (Gen. 25:23). Jacob was younger – and since she knew what God wanted, she decided to make it happen...As coach's wife, I can think of so many times that I've tried to be "helpful" to our busy coach, but I’m not really being a helper to him...When in truth, God cares about my marriage and family even more than I do. And one of the best things I can do for my husband, instead of trying to be so helpful, is to ask JESUS to HELP ME!

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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Leah the Unwanted Bride

Excerpt from the study: Jacob (Rebekah's son) loved Leah's younger sister Rachel. Rachel was beautiful, and Jacob worked for her father Laban for 7 years the right to marry her. However, on the wedding night, Laban made the switch, and gave Jacob the older, less attractive sister, Leah. Imagine how Leah felt when Jacob was "raging" at her father the next day, "What is this you have done to me? Did I not serve with you for Rachel? Why then have you deceived me?" (Gen. 29:25) So the next week, Laban gave him Rachel as his wife too. Now Leah has to share her husband with her incredibly beautiful sister, and he's a husband who doesn't think she's pretty and never wanted her in the first place. So Leah does the natural thing. She tries “performance based acceptance” to earn Jacob’s love by giving him as many sons as possible.

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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Miriam the Life of the Party

Excerpt from the study: What I see in Miriam is what I see for us as coaches’ wives. Her husband Caleb was a courageous leader - and so was she. She was not behind the scenes. She was not on the sidelines - she was called by God to be in the game. God gave her a necessary, integral role to ensure the success of Moses’ calling, and she had a calling of her own. And, as it says in the scripture above, God sent Miriam just as HE sent Moses and Aaron.

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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Rahab the Brave Hostess

Excerpt from the study: Our heroine is the very strong and courageous Rahab the prostitute. How could this woman with a questionable profession have been brave? Strong? Courageous? She knew that to help the spies was a crime punishable by death, and by defying the king she was betraying her own country. She knew who she was - her reputation and her reality - but she had heard stories about the God of Israel, and decided to put her trust in Him.

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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Ruth the Beautiful Widow

Excerpt from the study: The story of Ruth is beautiful. Her name means “beauty”. Her character, servant’s heart, hard-working attitude all stand out to me, but my favorite thing is that Ruth made beautiful, selfless decisions. When Ruth’s husband of 10 years died, she made the decision to stay and care for her mother-in-law Naomi instead of turning back to her people and searching for another husband. More importantly she decides to embrace Naomi’s faith in God.

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Session taught by Darlene Johnson

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